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Handbook of the hotchkiss machine gun model of 1914 [ ( office) ] on amazon. * free* shipping on qualifying hotchkiss gun dictionary book offers. Hotchkiss guns for sale. Guns for sale unit 12, lakes farm,. Signup to the gfs newsletter to receive all the latest news & gun competitions. Hotchkiss definition, wightman, hazel hotchkiss. Hotchkiss tied the beast and we left him there, head down against the driving rain, drooping and dejected.

Media in category " hotchkiss machine guns" the following 18 files are in this category, out of 18 total. A new zealand soldier at a french machine gun hotchkiss gun dictionary book post, world war i. Jpg 5, 126 × 3, 708; 2. The term " hotchkiss gun" also refers to the hotchkiss revolving cannon, a rotating barrel weapon invented in 1872 by benjamin b. Hotchkiss ( 1826– 1885), founder of hotchkiss & co. Though superficially hotchkiss gun dictionary book resembling a gatling gun hotchkiss gun dictionary book the internals are very different, having only hotchkiss gun dictionary book one firing pin rather than a firing mechanism for every barrel.

After benjamin b. Hotchkiss, american inventor. Hotchkiss gun ( plural hotchkiss guns) a built- up, rifled, rapid- fire gun of oil- tempered steel, having a rectangular breechblock which moves horizontally or vertically in a mortise cut completely through the jacket. Hotchkiss gun synonyms, hotchkiss gun pronunciation, hotchkiss gun translation, english dictionary definition of hotchkiss gun.

A built- up, rifled, rapid- hotchkiss gun dictionary book fire gun of oil- tempered steel, having a rectangular breechblock which hotchkiss gun dictionary book moves horizontally or vertically in a mortise cut. The term " hotchkiss gun" also refers to the hotchkiss revolving cannon, a revolving barrel machine gun invented in 1872 by benjamin b. Hotchkiss, founder of hotchkiss et cie. It was a built- up, rifled, rapid- fire gun of oil- tempered steel, having a rectangular breechblock which moved in a mortise cut completely through hotchkiss gun dictionary book the jacket. The badge for the ' automobiles hotchkiss' marque consisted of a pair of crossed cannons - in reference to the company' s origin ( see top of page). In 1909 the hotchkiss company produced its first military vehicle, an armoured car equipped with a hotchkiss gun dictionary book machine gun located on the rear. Bill hotchkiss has 24 books on goodreads with 168 ratings. Bill hotchkiss’ s most popular book is to fell the giants. The hotchkiss revolving cannon was a 37mm hand operated machine gun that was considered light enough to travel with cavalry, although not for the british army.

A light ( well sort of, around 1000 pounds), hotchkiss gun dictionary book mobile and fast firing artillery piece, it could fire up to 40 explosive or steel shot rounds per minute. Read the hotchkiss surname history and see the family crest, coat of arms for the english origin. Discover the hotchkiss surname history. Where did the name hotchkiss come from? Photograph from a manual for a machine hotchkiss gun dictionary book gune. Man in firing position. Training in firearms. Hotchkiss machine gun text book and instructional course. England, wolverhampton ( 1918).

Singleton, john ernest eugene. Hotchkiss machine gun text book and instructional course, etc. Language: english. Definition of hotchkiss in the definitions. Meaning of hotchkiss. What does hotchkiss mean? Information and translations of hotchkiss in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on hotchkiss gun dictionary book the web. The 3 inch hotchkiss mountain gun could fire three types of projectiles: common shell, shrapnel, and canister.

Common shell is an explosive projectile that explodes on impact, set off by a percussion fuze. It is used against personnel or fortifications. Shrapnel is an anti- personnel round used at ranges beyond 500 yards. The hotchkiss gun dictionary book fascination of shooting as a sport depends almost wholly on whether you are at the right or hotchkiss gun dictionary book wrong end of the gun.

Wodehouse, the adventures of sally.

The hotchkiss revolving cannon was designed by an american, benjamin hotchkiss, in response to the franco- prussian war. Hotchkiss chose to use large caliber shells in the gun instead of rifle cartridges ( like the american gatling or french mitrailleuse) for greater anti- personnel effectiveness. 65 inch hotchkiss gun a light gun intended to be packed on mules to accompany either a fast moving cavalry troop or an army maneuvering in rough country. During the spanish american war they were also seeing use as an infantry close support gun. The gun and accessories could be packed on two mules, with 72 rounds on each ammunition mule. This extreme angle of depression is sometimes required when the gun is used from the tops, or from the bridge of vessels high out of the water.

Characteristics of the hotchkiss mechanism. The distinct characteristics of the hotchkiss mechanism, which distinguish it from other machine- guns, hotchkiss gun dictionary book are the following: 1st. A hotchkiss gun dictionary book complete working 37mm hotchkiss revolving cannon is for sale at the cannon superstore. The price is $ 95, 000 and is an original 1880 gun ( the ad says four barrels but i count the usual 5. Hotchkiss machine gun, originally a big- bore, hand- cranked, rapid- fire hotchkiss gun dictionary book weapon developed in 1878 by benjamin b. Hotchkiss ( 1826– 85), a u. Ordnance engineer with a factory in paris. It was first hotchkiss gun dictionary book used by the french army in 1896. The firearms dictionary [ r. Steindler] on amazon. The super, simngle- hotchkiss gun dictionary book source reference to more than 1, 000 english and foreign gun- related words, phrases and hotchkiss gun dictionary book hotchkiss gun dictionary book nomenclature.

A century ago, the american expeditionary force entered heavy combat in france, and the doughboys’ most- used heavy machine gun during the great war was the french hotchkiss hotchkiss gun dictionary book model of 1914. In addition, you' ll find hotchkiss gun dictionary book great book recommendations that may be of interest to you based on your search hotchkiss gun dictionary book and purchase history, as well as the most wished for and most gifted books. We hope you enjoy the amazon. Com books homepage! Hotchkiss hotchkiss gun dictionary book heavy machine guns, some being of earlier types, were also used in combat by japan, chile, mexico, spain, belgium, brazil, and poland. The hotchkiss machine gun, a hotchkiss gun dictionary book sturdy and reliable weapon, remained in active service with the french army until the early 1940s. With virtual tours detailing the most intricate details of key weaponry and photographic features on hotchkiss gun dictionary book the world' s iconic gun makers, including colt, smith & wesson, maxim, and kalashnikov, firearms: an illustrated history is the perfect gift for gun, weapon, and military history enthusiasts. The m1875 mountain gun was a mountain gun that was used by the hotchkiss gun dictionary book united states army during the last quarter of the nineteenth century.

A hotchkiss design from the french arms firm, hotchkiss hotchkiss gun dictionary book & company founded by benjamin b. Hotchkiss, ( 1826– 1885), " it was the first hotchkiss gun dictionary book original breech- loading gun in the u. Hotchkiss base fuze for steel shot. The hotchkiss base fuze consists of three main parts, the body, the plunger and the detonating cap. The body is made of gun- metal. The plunger is hotchkiss gun dictionary book composed of a block of lead cast into a cylindrical brass base, and holds a rough wire firing pin, roughened so as to grip the surrounding lead. The hotchkiss h35 or char léger modèle 1935 h was a french cavalry tank developed prior to world war ii.

Despite having been designed hotchkiss gun dictionary book from 1933 as a rather slow but well- armoured light infantry support tank, the type was initially rejected by the french infantry hotchkiss gun dictionary book because it proved difficult to steer while driving cross- country, and was instead adopted in 1936 hotchkiss gun dictionary book by the french cavalry. During the franco- prussian war, mr. Benjamin b hotchkiss, an american inventor, hotchkiss gun dictionary book was engaged in hotchkiss gun dictionary book supervising the manufacture of metallic cartridges for small- arms for france and, his attention being attracted hotchkiss gun dictionary book to the defects of the mitrailleuse, hotchkiss gun dictionary book he set about the design of a machine gun that should be hotchkiss gun dictionary book more practical. Hotchkiss h35, a french tank of world hotchkiss gun dictionary book war ii; hotchkiss gun. Hotchkiss machine gun, including a list of variants; hotchkiss m201, a french light transport vehicle; other uses. Hotchkiss ( surname) hotchkiss drive, a form hotchkiss gun dictionary book of automobile power transmission and suspension. Hotchkiss bicycle railroad in smithville, burlington county, new jersey, u. The hotchkiss machine gun was any of a line of products developed hotchkiss gun dictionary book and sold by hotchkiss et cie, ( full name société anonyme des anciens hotchkiss gun dictionary book etablissements hotchkiss et cie), hotchkiss gun dictionary book established by united states gunsmith benjamin b. Winchester hotchkiss hotchkiss gun dictionary book model hotchkiss gun dictionary book 1883 rifle while some early production took place at springfield armory, the majority of winchester- hotchkiss rifles and carbines were manufactured hotchkiss gun dictionary book at winchester' s, new haven, connecticut facility. The illustrated book of guns: an hotchkiss gun dictionary book illustrated directory of over 1, 000 military, sporting, and antique firearms [ david miller] on amazon.

Plural of hotchkiss gun. Definition from wiktionary, the free dictionary. In 1886 this gun was the first of hotchkiss gun dictionary book the modern quick- firing ( qf) artillery to be adopted by the royal navy as the ordnance qf 3 pounder hotchkiss, built under licence by the elswick ordnance company. By the middle of world war i the hotchkiss gun was obsolescent and was gradually replaced by the more powerful ordnance qf 3 pounder vickers gun.

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